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Annette Kurtz ⋅ 52 Tips to energize Your #Work from Home

Make your #WFH extraordinary

These tips will transform your #workfromhome from average to extraordinary for increased productivity and success. And truly, #workfromhome can be any space you chose to work from, even during your travels. This book is written with the transient nature of our current environment in mind. Simple and easy to follow. These 52 tips show you how to enhance your flow and with it your motivation and inspiration in any given space.

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All the tips in the book that are referencing a link can be found on this site. Here is a quick roadmap for you:

  • Find entertaining tips in the “Harmonize Your Home DIY Library”: Tip #7, #24, #41, #42. You can download, play, read and sketch through these tips with a simple click.
  • You can set your success into motion with the complimentary “Harmonize Your Home Workbook” which will be sent straight to your inbox. Tips #14, #19, #44
  • Looking for a short cut to your #WFH success? Check out Tips #15, #21, #31, #36, #48.
  • Keep your home energized and make your #WFH Success sustainable with The Clutter Free Life 12 Month VIP membership, your best and most attractive option Tip #52.

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Let’s go! Enjoy the flow!

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Harmonize Your Home DIY Library Here

Are you a work from home professional? A solopreneur? Are you in a transitional space?
Are you looking to energize your space to elevate productivity and enhance your well-being?
Check out these four links and set your success in motion!

TIP #7

Explore the Lay of the Land

  Learn to navigate your surroundings and go with the flow.  

TIP #24

Setting Up for Success

 Understand how the setup of a room can make or break your success.

TIP #41

Overcome Obstacles

Wittness how letting go of the old clears the path to a better quality of life.

TIP #42

Enhance Your Life using the Bagua

Identify which areas of your home need changing to enhance your life.

Space Clearing Discovery Session

Tip #48

Free 1:1 Phone Consultation

Space Clearing is a ceremony that fast tracks the process of making your house feel like home.

Have you fully moved into your home yet? Does your house still feel like someone else’s home? Is your life flowing well?

Explore in this 20 min free space clearing discovery session how living in the flow could be for you.

Get Your Virtual 1:1 Session

Make #WFH a Success

Tip #21

Set yourself up for the rock star success you deserve. Feel inspired rather than distracted. Focus with ease and clarity.

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  • Receive Your 8 Steps to Your #WFH of Success.
  • Discover in this 90min consultation how to bring your WFH space in alignment with your goals.
  • Your #WFH Space dialed in – a place of calm and focus where you can be productive, confident and inspired.


Get into the Flow

Tip #36

Is your aspired progress stagnating for a while? Launch into the next phase of your life with ease and enjoy your quality time guilt free.

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  • Receive Your Top 3 Tips to Get into the Flow.
  • Identify in this 60min consultation the biggest obstacle in your #WFH space, let go of tiresome guilt and move towards a sense of order and calm in your #WFH space.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm and have peace of mind.


Join The Community

Harmonize Your Home and your Life

Feeling alone with all the challenges #WFH Life brings?

Join the vibrant community and get energized – no need doing it alone. You can join

  • a free workshop
  • a 30 day online program
  • be in a circle
  • become a VIP member of The Clutter Free Life

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Feng Shui Your Desk

Tip #15

Free online workshop
Starting Feb 17th, 2021

Do you feel a sense of overwhelm when looking at your desk? Are you exceptionally distracted and unproductive? Do you feel at home where you do your work from?

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Whether you are working from your home office, kitchen table or closet, learn in this live webinar what you can do right now to feel energized.

You will walk away with 5 easy to implement tips and be inspired.

Clarity Circle

Tip #31

6 week online program
Starting Mar 2nd, 2021

Small group coaching program facilitating breakthroughs where you feel stuck in your #WFH Life.
Learn simple methods to uplift your life and regain focus.
Change anxiety and stress into calm and feeling confident again in your home.


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Uncover the blocks that are standing between you and your progress. Gain clarity where you previously felt overwhelmed. Tackle postponed actions with glee and be energized rather than defeated. Join in this supportive and motivating environment with like-minded peers – you don’t have to do it alone.
  • 6 x interactive small group coaching calls
  • One 1:1 Clarity Booster Call with Annette
  • Private Group to connect with like-minded participants
VIP Members join free 1 x p.a.

Harmonize Your Home

Course to the book

30 day online program
Starting Mar 4th, 2021

Gain an in-depth understanding on what creates flow in your home and what doesn’t.
Learn how you can harmonize your home.


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This 30 day online program features

  • 4 x group coaching calls
  • 1 x support call for your case studies

The Clutter Free Life

Tip #52

12 month VIP program
Starting Apr 14th, 2021

This fun and engaging VIP online program creates a sustainable momentum to live a clutter-free life. Maintain your past efforts with ease and build lasting habits for increased harmony and balance.


$ 2340 paid in full
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Less stress, more flow. Enjoy more quality time and experience increased inner freedom. Keep up your momentum instead of starting from scratch each time. Be on top of your game, not under a blanket of stuff. Let go of unhealthy connections between you and what no longer serves your bigger purpose in life.

  • 12 group coaching calls 1 x pm
  • 12 support calls 1 x pm
  • 4 x 1 hrs with Annette 1:1
  • 1 x Clarity Circle in 2021
  • Monthly Tool Sheet
  • Exclusive Member Area

The investment for this entire VIP program is $2,340 payable as a monthly subscription fee of $195 for the duration of 12 months.

Set your Success in Motion with your “Harmonize Your Home Workbook”

You will discover the flow in your home Tip #14, connect to your Inner Wisdom Tip #19 and receive Your Money Luck Cheat Sheet Tip #44 – the whole workbook will be delivered as one complimentary package straight to your inbox.

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What People Say

“Thanks so much for a wonderful class experience. I really appreciated how interactive it was, and how you made everyone feel seen, heard, and held in the class. When I made the changes in my studio room, I felt a shift immediately . . almost intimidatingly so, as now it felt like a real high-level work space! Also, I love the way you encouraged us to be aware of our environment outside of our home, and to include that in the way we create our spaces. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.”

Mark Bonder


“We were devastated when the sellers of our dream home suddenly pulled out of the deal. I immediately reached out to Annette. With her Feng Shui guidance, I paid attention to what was happening in the place we had rented short-term. And guess what? Soon after, the sellers came back to the negotiation table. Fast forward 4 months we are living in the home of our dreams.

Misha Rubin


“Happily, I could see the energy shifting in a positive direction within 24 hours of making the change. I had been contacted by someone in partnership with one of the biggest TV and movie producers in Hollywood.”

Amanda Lauer


“As a broker to some of the biggest megaproducers in the real estate industry, I can confidently state that Harmonize Your Home is perfect for professionals who work from home. Annette’s 52 tips to energize your work from home life are beneficial and practical to implement, aiming to turn space into a place that decreases anxiety and supports mental balance. I highly recommend this book to all top producing business professionals who want to create a streamlined, calm, and therefore, productive environment in which to work and thrive.”

Susan Geer

Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Professionals

“Annette’s procedure was invaluable in helping me visualize and make the changes in my environment that allowed me to speak and train and be productive from home. Her online course is easy to follow and I highly recommend her step-by-step process!”

Pam Leinmiller

Communication and Leadership Speaker

“Your class has influenced us positively and is already showing results. This year has been quite rocky for our business, but somehow we have managed to keep our energy levels high and in mysterious ways resources have been flowing in whenever we needed it…We are extremely grateful!”

Irene Mena

Brand Manager Obra Gris, Costa Rica

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